Ilymix Sunglasses Review


They are a staple item that helps to complete an outfit, but they come in so many different styles. I was recently able to try Ilymix sunglasses and I was a little nervous at first. I lost my first pair of Ray Bans when I got my new car. I had those sunglasses for almost two years! They were dark aviators and they had my initials on them…it was awful! I left them in my old car when I traded it in and the dealership (will not be named) never got them back to me! So sad…but then I was approached by Ilymix!

Aviators are such a classic look and I think pretty much anyone can pull them off. This time I decided to go with a more colorful look and get some rose gold/pink ones from Ilymix. While this style is a little big for my face, I still love how they look! I was surprised with the great quality from Ilymix. The shipping did take 2 weeks, but I think it was worth the wait!

I also chose some more daring glasses that I feel can go with more professional street looks. Check out all my looks below and if you would like get your hands…or head around some of these then use my link for $15 off your purchase:

They have so many styles to choose from I know you’ll find your fave one!

Happy Shopping!


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