Two Week Turn-around!

Now that I’m not moving city to city, I can go back to focusing on being healthy! I was previously living in San Luis Obispo and was hooked on all of the yummy food options. Plus, there were a lot of student deals for many restaurants that made it so easy to order out.

I did learn to make new dishes at home while living there, but not enough to save my tummy!

There was a period of time while living in SLO where I went to the gym regularly and made progress on my body. I did some meal prepping and biked to my internship. Over the last three weeks of my last quarter is where things kinda went downhill.

Since I graduated a quarter early, my boyfriend and I were eager to get out of the lease for our apartment. We were supposed to stay until August, but I was done mid-March. After countless Facebook messages and one showing, our apartment was taken by a miracle! A family walked onto the property, asked the manager what was available for the next week and signed the papers the same day! Scott and I moved all of our things in three days, while I was still working. I did a 40 minute commute for only four days before we were completely free of anything holding us to SLO. I am beyond thankful it all worked out!

I came up with the “two week turn-around” because my stomach has been bloated and painful during this whole ordeal. I convinced myself most of it was due to stress, but I know that I’ve been eating out way too much and not exercising nearly enough.

VS Pink sport bras, GymShark leggings, Puma shoes

I will be finishing the two week turn-around with a girls weekend in Santa Barbara. For almost a week of the turn-around I will be in St. George, Utah! Even though I will be traveling, I am committed to running every night and making the best eating choices I can.

Here’s what I’m sticking to for this turn-around:

Stay tuned for updates on my Instagram and here on the blog! Wish me luck!


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