Summer Frayed Slide Sandals

Hey there! So there are some really cute sandals I’ve been eyeing from another blogger lately. They look like this:

My problem is 1. they are sold out and 2. they are out of my budget! So I decided to do a little researching and see if I could find some similar looking sandals for a price that better fits my bank account. 

Here’s what I found!

I used to wear TOMS all the time in high school. I was obsessed with their mission statement and how I could slip them on without socks. I think this sandal looks very sleek and chic for a great price!

Shop yours here!

Hello wedges! Wedges are always in for spring and summer so when I came across these I thought they were just perfect. Amazon has these sandals and they come in denim as well!

Shop yours here!

Lastly are these slides from Chinese Laundry. This is also a brand I forgot about from my high school days! I remember loving their styles and that holds with these striped sandals! 

Shop yours here!

Don’t forget to click on those links if you would like to buy any of these sandals for yourself or a friend aaaand happy shopping!


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