About Me

Hey you!

It’s so nice of you to stop by my blog! Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in the Central Coast of California in a very small town called Solvang. While my heart has been pulled to many parts of this golden state, north and south, I will always have a soft spot for the beaches.

My love for clothes, shopping and fashion started at a young age with my mom assembling outfits for me every morning. Shopping for unique pieces has always been a fun way for me and her to spend time together. I’ve learned to step out (in a high heel of course) of my comfort zone and now I’m ready to share my finds with others!

I love connecting with people and through this blog I will be able to do just that while collaborating with fashion lovers, like you!

Fast Fun Facts About Me:

I’m double jointed in my left thumb!

I’m an Aquarius

I won “Best Dressed” in high school…twice!

I have a little chip in my right front tooth (named chip)

I am a coffee ADDICT!

I love creative writing/poetry

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you soon!