Target Deal Days!

I am so happy Target decided to jump on the deal day wagon and give all of us Targ lovers some great deals. Target usually has affordable prices, but now it’s even better.

This is the first deal days of Target history, with yesterday being the first day. I am covering deal days today because there are WAY more deals on clothes today than there was yesterday!

I AM NOT COVERING SWIM…just because I have way too much swimwear already and it’s all 30% off so you may enter that rabbit hole as you wish.

Speaking of rabbit hole, deal days was a rabbit hole for me. The app wasn’t showing me clothes that were 30% at midnight, so I had to open it in Safari and take off “sale” on the filter just to see manually see clothes that were discounted. Hopefully they fixed this issue by now!

Another great tip

I really used filters to my advantage here! I filtered everything through size, product, size grouping, anything I could!

But let’s get to the clothes.


White Tee, White Tank
Grey Tank, Black Tank
Biker Shorts, Tee

Dresses & Rompers

Black Romper, Pink Romper
Oliver Romper, Black Romper
Red Dress, Blue Dress


Jean Jacket, Sandals

That is all I have for you! Happy Shopping!


*Pink Tie Dye Trend*

Hey there! I am all about finding new trends and I think they’re so much fun to cover…at an affordable price of course!

So today I wanted to do a post about the pink tie dye trend I’ve been seeing all over insta and on other bloggers. I think this is a super cute trend, but one that will mostly stay for summer. Which is why I’ve put together some tie dye finds at budget friendly price points.

This first look is from Asos and it’s a wrap dress with a tie on the side. I thought the print on this one really reflected a summer feel and I like the ruffle on the front from the tie. It’s only $24 and comes in S, M, & L.

Shop the dress!

Next up is a cute little tee from Hollister. The pink on this one is a lot lighter and more faded, but I’m liking that look. There’s a tie in the front which makes it feel more like a crop top. This top is $19.95 and comes in sizes XS-XL.

Shop the tee!

I found another cute off the shoulder top from Forever 21 that has less of a tie dye pattern…but gives me a very tropical feel! See for yourself! It’s only $8 and comes in S, M, & L.

Shop the top!

If you’ve been following me on Insta then you know I’ve started to shop at Aeropostale again! I used to shop there years ago and then sorta forgot about them as a retailer. But they have some great prices and I’ve been finding pieces that I know will last me a long time. Here are two great choices from Aeropostale that are right on trend with the tie dye!

Shop the hoodie!

This hoodie is on clearance right now for $9.99 and all sizes are still available!

Shop the tee!

This tee is advertised as “seriously soft” and I’ve worn some of their products with the same material…it is an amazing feel! This top is $8, but only available in S & M. It must be a great fit if it’s selling out!

Hope you enjoyed these affordable options and can try out this great summer trend!

Happy Shopping!


Review of SOJOS Sunnies

Hey there! I was approached by Sojo to try some of their sunglasses from Amazon. This offer came at just the right time because I lost the aviators I bought during graduation and was in need of some new ones!

Here’s one of my picks:

Shop them here!

I’ve seen this style around the ‘gram but it’s mostly in black when I have seen them. I decided to go with blue because I know I have a lot of fun summer looks with a lot of color that will go well with these.

Shop them here!

I love aviators so this choice wasn’t very difficult for me. I think the pink color is just really girly and chic. I honestly felt like a superstar when I tried on these glasses!

Overall Review

I am really happy with the quality of these glasses. I never go into a review expecting too much and was really excited about these. The packaging was sleek and organized and the glasses felt light on my face. I know I will be able to use these sunglasses all summer long!

Happy Shopping!


How to Shop Shein

Hey there! Today I’m talking about one of my favorite places to shop online…Shein! My boyfriend has told me that I should be called The Shein Shopper by now, but we’ll see about that!

If you’ve been curious about ordering from Shein lately, then wait no more and read my top three tips about how to shop on Shein.

Tip One: Read Reviews

I believe Shein has come a long way over the past years…it’s been eleven years since the company started their treasure trove of online clothes.

A few of the most helpful things about Shein are the comments and pictures from users. It is sooo important to find reviews with pictures because you can get an idea about what the product looks like on someone with a similar body type.

You can choose to see reviews with a picture.

Tip Two: Product Type

Here’s a tricky tip, but one I think you can understand. I believe one of the reasons why Shein can sell products so low (other than being in China) is because some of the products require YOU to do a little work to make it look the way it did online.

I’m going to give you some pretty specific examples here. This romper looked super cute on the site, with that big bow in the middle really drawing me in to purchase it.

Well, that big bow is actually something you have to tie yourself! …which I was horrible at doing so this is how I wore the romper.

Buy the romper here!

Here’s another example side by side.

In this case, the dress had a microscopic slit on the side where the string goes to tie the bow. I eventually found the slit, but I was ready to cut my own right before I found it! If you’re interested, buy the dress here!

Tip Three: Get Points!

One of the biggest reasons I love shopping with Shein is the discounts associated with points. Every 100 point is a dollar! So if you plan on shopping with Shein after your first order, here are some simple ways to save on your next purchase.

You’ll want to make sure you hit the “delivered” button when you get the package because this instantly gives you points for the amount of the order. So if your order was $100, then you get 100 points!

The next thing you can do is write a review! You don’t have to upload a professional picture, but you do get 20 points for having one. The written part of the review is 10 points and you’re free to write as little as you’d like!

The site used to let you review an item individually, but now it looks like you must review each item in your order. If you plan on doing an order review, make sure you have some time and snap a picture of each product whether you’re wearing it or have it flat laid!

Get Shopping!

I hope you enjoyed these tips about shopping with Shein! To see a review of a full order you can watch my YouTube video here. If you have any more questions or tips you’ve found about the site, feel free to shoot them my way!

As always, happy shopping!