Two Week Turn-around!

Now that I’m not moving city to city, I can go back to focusing on being healthy! I was previously living in San Luis Obispo and was hooked on all of the yummy food options. Plus, there were a lot of student deals for many restaurants that made it so easy to order out.

I did learn to make new dishes at home while living there, but not enough to save my tummy!

There was a period of time while living in SLO where I went to the gym regularly and made progress on my body. I did some meal prepping and biked to my internship. Over the last three weeks of my last quarter is where things kinda went downhill.

Since I graduated a quarter early, my boyfriend and I were eager to get out of the lease for our apartment. We were supposed to stay until August, but I was done mid-March. After countless Facebook messages and one showing, our apartment was taken by a miracle! A family walked onto the property, asked the manager what was available for the next week and signed the papers the same day! Scott and I moved all of our things in three days, while I was still working. I did a 40 minute commute for only four days before we were completely free of anything holding us to SLO. I am beyond thankful it all worked out!

I came up with the “two week turn-around” because my stomach has been bloated and painful during this whole ordeal. I convinced myself most of it was due to stress, but I know that I’ve been eating out way too much and not exercising nearly enough.

VS Pink sport bras, GymShark leggings, Puma shoes

I will be finishing the two week turn-around with a girls weekend in Santa Barbara. For almost a week of the turn-around I will be in St. George, Utah! Even though I will be traveling, I am committed to running every night and making the best eating choices I can.

Here’s what I’m sticking to for this turn-around:

Stay tuned for updates on my Instagram and here on the blog! Wish me luck!


ONE Dress, THREE Ways!

We all love a staple closet item that can be dressed up or down. When I initially saw this dress, I just loved the style and print. After it came in I was “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” all over it!

I’ll add links in the captions for you guys so you can see as much product as possible! This dress is from Shein and while it’s currently sold out…here is another dress that is similar in print and color. Shein is usually really good at restocking items that are in high-demand so I recommend turning on notifications for things you really want!

I really fell for this dress when I tried it on and it had such a snug fit. The ruffles really add some extra details that give it a playful vibe. I’m so happy it’s almost spring, because then I can start styling more dresses like this one.

Alright, let’s get to the ONE dress, THREE ways!

This first style is hitting on a flirty athleisure look. Pair a tight white tee under the dress and throw on some white Nikes or Adidas and you’re set to go to class, a trip downtown or hang with the girls. This is such a simple and carefree look for spring.

White Nikes, White Tee

I am definitely smitten with this second style because it’s perfect for a sexy night out. When I was styling this look, I added my BCBG over-the-knee high-heeled boots kinda just to humor myself and instantly felt so empowered with the look! I’ll add some similar boots to mine that I’ve found just because I’ve had mine for so long!

Boots similar to mine

This last look is a style I always hesitate to try to work on myself. I want to call it a fashionista cowgirl! It pulls from some Western style with a jeweled belt and hat, but keeps the modern fashion going with boots and overall style of the dress. It was a risk for me, but I ended up loving it and hope you can style it similar to feel the same way!

Similar Hat (I got mine at world market as well), this belt was a thrift store find but here’s something close!

I hope you enjoyed my ONE dress THREE ways! Because I really enjoyed doing this post and want to do more like this in the future. If you’ve read this far, then thank you! And please stay on the lookout for more posts to come!


The Cheetah Trend

It’s so interesting to me that cheetah has made such a big come back in fashion. I guess it’s always had its place in design. I remember being obsessed with cheetah as a kid. I had everything from Lisa Frank cheetah accessories to headbands galore.

Cheetah makes me feel like the ultimate girly girl. 

So it would make sense that lately I have been LIVING in this cheetah print cardigan!
While my boyfriend doesn’t like long cardigans, I on the other hand can’t get enough. This cardigan is from Shein and it was only $23. I was so happy when I opened package the of this cardigan. The quality is amazing. It’s thick, soft and it keeps me warm (big plus)! I tend to run cold and this thing keeps me toasty without being too big or bulky.

From the next look, I bought the shirt on a whim. I didn’t expect to go shopping that day, but I’ve found in life there’s always some time to spare for a mini shopping trip! The shirt is from Forever 21 and it’s only $9. I thought this color combo was really different for cheetah print, but is totally working. Unfortunately, I believe it’s only in-store. I will continue to look for it online!

That’s it for now! Continue to fulfill your inner girly child dreams and rock that cheetah!

Happy Shopping!


Ilymix Sunglasses Review


They are a staple item that helps to complete an outfit, but they come in so many different styles. I was recently able to try Ilymix sunglasses and I was a little nervous at first. I lost my first pair of Ray Bans when I got my new car. I had those sunglasses for almost two years! They were dark aviators and they had my initials on them…it was awful! I left them in my old car when I traded it in and the dealership (will not be named) never got them back to me! So sad…but then I was approached by Ilymix!

Aviators are such a classic look and I think pretty much anyone can pull them off. This time I decided to go with a more colorful look and get some rose gold/pink ones from Ilymix. While this style is a little big for my face, I still love how they look! I was surprised with the great quality from Ilymix. The shipping did take 2 weeks, but I think it was worth the wait!

I also chose some more daring glasses that I feel can go with more professional street looks. Check out all my looks below and if you would like get your hands…or head around some of these then use my link for $15 off your purchase:

They have so many styles to choose from I know you’ll find your fave one!

Happy Shopping!