Cheetah on Amazon

Hi there! I have a bunch of items in my shopping wish list on Amazon right now, but I wanted to share with you all of the leopard/cheetah print items I’ve been adding lately!

Let’s get to it!

Shop the buckle flat, shop the bow flat.

I really want to give these two flats a try because I can see two totally different looks with them! I think the buckle flat is really unique and gives off a menswear vibe, while the bow one is very girly.

Shop the sweater

This light beige cheetah pattern has been making its way around to many different sweaters on the ‘gram. I like this version because it can be worn with jeans, leggings or as long dress! I can see pairing it with a scarf, fedora and boots…BOOM instant outfit!

Shop the sweater here!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this sweater! The material looks like wool and such a comfy fit. It just screams fall…now to get the brown or the white?

Shop the cardigan here!

This cardigan has been cited as the number one Nordstrom dupe, but I think it would be unfair to show off it’s pink sister, no?

Shop the fedora.

A fall fedora with a cheetah belt?! ‘Nuff said.

Shop the cardigan

This last cardigan looks like a blanket material to me and that’s a number one selling point for me. Along with the leopard print pattern of course!

Shop cheetah blazer, shop black n leopard blazer!

I ended up purchasing the blazer on the left already because it came in XS and I got so excited! I did a little try on with it on my insta and it fits so well!

I hope you liked these cheetah and leopard print finds on Amazon…I’m sure the fall season will bring so many more! Can’t wait to see more!

Happy Shopping!


Review of SOJOS Sunnies

Hey there! I was approached by Sojo to try some of their sunglasses from Amazon. This offer came at just the right time because I lost the aviators I bought during graduation and was in need of some new ones!

Here’s one of my picks:

Shop them here!

I’ve seen this style around the ‘gram but it’s mostly in black when I have seen them. I decided to go with blue because I know I have a lot of fun summer looks with a lot of color that will go well with these.

Shop them here!

I love aviators so this choice wasn’t very difficult for me. I think the pink color is just really girly and chic. I honestly felt like a superstar when I tried on these glasses!

Overall Review

I am really happy with the quality of these glasses. I never go into a review expecting too much and was really excited about these. The packaging was sleek and organized and the glasses felt light on my face. I know I will be able to use these sunglasses all summer long!

Happy Shopping!