Cheetah Shorts

Hey there! Here’s an outfit of the day for you!

I want to talk about petite style for a minute. It can be super hard to shop in the women’s section of the store and actually fit the sizes…so I almost always shop in the juniors section of major retail stores like Kohls.

These shorts are a perfect example! Shopping in the juniors section can be a hit or miss, but here’s why I like these shorts: they’re a “midi” short meaning I can wear an extra small and keep a great length, they’re also a stretch band waist meaning I’ll be comfortable in an extra small all day, and lastly they feature a roll-up bottom helping my legs look a little bit longer.

Sometimes wearing over sized tees just feel so comfortable, but with this look I wanted to make sure I didn’t make myself look any shorter than what I already am. Pairing a crop tank with this look helps a petite girl out…a lot!

So here’s the look!

Shop the shorts, Fit bit bracelet, Hairclip

Happy shopping!


SHEIN Fruits Tee

Hey there! Coming at ya with another outfit of the day. I will be featuring a lot of my summer outfits from Shein this time around because you can’t beat the prices!

Shop the look!

I thought this fruits tee was just so fun for summer. I mean who doesn’t like some bright fruit to represent summer?! Another great point, it’s only $7! Act now! Right now!!

Happy Shopping!