Summer Frayed Slide Sandals

Hey there! So there are some really cute sandals I’ve been eyeing from another blogger lately. They look like this:

My problem is 1. they are sold out and 2. they are out of my budget! So I decided to do a little researching and see if I could find some similar looking sandals for a price that better fits my bank account. 

Here’s what I found!

I used to wear TOMS all the time in high school. I was obsessed with their mission statement and how I could slip them on without socks. I think this sandal looks very sleek and chic for a great price!

Shop yours here!

Hello wedges! Wedges are always in for spring and summer so when I came across these I thought they were just perfect. Amazon has these sandals and they come in denim as well!

Shop yours here!

Lastly are these slides from Chinese Laundry. This is also a brand I forgot about from my high school days! I remember loving their styles and that holds with these striped sandals! 

Shop yours here!

Don’t forget to click on those links if you would like to buy any of these sandals for yourself or a friend aaaand happy shopping!


Aeropostale Lace Dress

My first outfit of the day post! Really shouldn’t have taken me this long…but here it is!

I used to shop at Aeropostale all the time when I was high school and then I sorta forgot about this store! However, when I visited their outlet store I fell in love with some of their pieces. I think they’ve done a great job with knocking down their prices for some quality clothes.

This pink lace dress is just $20 and is the perfect spring look. The corset in the front creates a great waist and I love the A-line cut. Get yours below!


Happy Shopping!


My Dilemma with Shorts

Hey there, hope you are having a fantastic week! I wanted to talk about something I used to hate…shorts. Yup! I used to just loathe wearing shorts. The reason? I feel like as soon as I hit puberty in eighth grade, my confidence in showing off my legs went down the drain. Puberty gave me hips, a rounder behind, and some thicker thighs. I have felt like these attributes stopped me from feeling good in any shorts for a long time.

Not anymore!

Although it has taken a lot of time for me to boost my self esteem about everything below my waist, now I am so happy to throw on a jean short!

Two things happened to make this possible.

I found a lot of happiness within myself when I started working out more regularly. I am not saying you need to lose weight to wear the clothes you want…because I didn’t really lose weight! My body did change, but more importantly my mind became stronger. I lifted weights and was impressed with what my body could do. Because I was able to carry a 95 lb bar on my shoulders, I felt invincible! I was so proud of my body and wasn’t afraid to show it off.

I also stopped looking at what other girls wore and started to shop for shorts that would compliment me. No body is exactly the same and there’s nothing wrong with passing up a certain style.


Since I do have a more curvy bottom, paper bag or high waisted shorts work really well on my figure. When it comes to jean shorts, I tend to look for a design with more of a triangle shape. This means the bottom flares out and doesn’t cling to your thighs.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a wedgie from shorts.

But enough about me, I have five of my favorite shorts from two brands to share with you! All of these are booty friendly, approved by me!

Kohl’s Shorts

I really like these shorts because they don’t ride up at all! The material is soft and the waist can be worn higher or lower. Both are $32 each. Click here to get the look!

These are the ultimate jean shorts for me! They meet all the criteria: flare out bottom, high waist, and they don’t ride up. Plus the lace addition is adorable. These shorts are $28. To get the look, click here!

On Me

Shein Shorts

Shein $8.00

First off, you really can’t beat the prices here. In this tropical print, I was nervous with an extra small, but the waist comes up pretty high making them a win for me! To get the look, click here!

Shein $12.00

The stripe design of these shorts is hot for spring/summer and the paper bag waist makes them extra hot for me! To get the look, click here!

On Me

Happy Shopping!


Spring Time Looks!

It’s finally starting to look a lot like spring! I thought Cali would never escape the cold and the rain, but it looks like we can all start breaking out those dresses and rompers! All the rain brought some beautiful blooms and I was able to take a trip to see them at Carrizo Plains.

While I did get horribly lost on the way, the comedic family trip did bring success in finding a patch of blooms after about two hours of driving. Traveling tip: type this address in your maps → 17495 Soda Lake Rd, Santa Margarita, CA 93453 and do not trust anything else!

The first look from my mini photo shoot is a dress from Kohls. I am wearing an extra small and I found it to fit really comfortably. I can see myself wearing this during the day running errands or going to lunch…it really is that comfy! Shop the look here.

The second look is from H&M and while I think this looked great with all of the flowers, it really can be worn for a dinner or a night out. I think it has an elegant touch with the long sleeves but remains simple with the pattern. In this jumpsuit I am wearing a size 0. Shop the look here.

The last look is from Shein and it’s an outfit I’ve been eyeing for a while. I was a little nervous about the tightness of the skirt and the length of the sleeves. I was surprised with the fit when I first tried it on. The skirt hugs your butt and the length isn’t too short. The top hangs out a little bit in the front because it seems like there’s a bit too much fabric there. I think it might have fit better with an elastic bottom so it would hug your torso, but this does give a lot of room for different shapes and sizes. Online the fabric looks like a light linen, but it’s a little heavier than I expected. I am wearing a small in this set. Shop the look here.

There you have it friends! These are some of my fave spring time looks and I hope they can make it to your closet as well.