8-4 Fleece Jacket

Happy Outfit of the day!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still summer…BUT everyone is showcasing their fall faves and I wanted to do the same. Fleece zip-ups and teddy coats are all the rage for fall! I got this Boxercraft quarter zip on Amazon for a great price and have been happy with it for over a year!

If you want an affordable fleece zip up then snag this one!

Shop the jacket, shop the similar shorts.

My shorts are MPG brand from Marshall’s so I linked some that are pretty much identical from the same brand.

Happy Shopping!


Cheetah Shorts

Hey there! Here’s an outfit of the day for you!

I want to talk about petite style for a minute. It can be super hard to shop in the women’s section of the store and actually fit the sizes…so I almost always shop in the juniors section of major retail stores like Kohls.

These shorts are a perfect example! Shopping in the juniors section can be a hit or miss, but here’s why I like these shorts: they’re a “midi” short meaning I can wear an extra small and keep a great length, they’re also a stretch band waist meaning I’ll be comfortable in an extra small all day, and lastly they feature a roll-up bottom helping my legs look a little bit longer.

Sometimes wearing over sized tees just feel so comfortable, but with this look I wanted to make sure I didn’t make myself look any shorter than what I already am. Pairing a crop tank with this look helps a petite girl out…a lot!

So here’s the look!

Shop the shorts, Fit bit bracelet, Hairclip

Happy shopping!